Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OMG (Oh My God), thats right, that is the only way I can start my blog entry from my last weekend in NYC Pet Fashion Week (PFW).

It was a weekend that I will remember for a long time.

I was exited to have my first show with my new friends, the FOREVER STAINLES STEEL Company, who I got to admire wile using their equipment at the grooming salon of GROOMER HAS IT. I was so impress with the tubs and tables that it was just a matter of time till I got in touch with Jeanne and Mark and after getting to know each other it just felt natural that I jump on board and start telling everybody the benefits in working with products of the quality that FOREVER STAINLESS STEEL offer. We decided that PFW was a great opportunity to see how we will feel on working together, IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE! not only because since everybody in the pet industry knows of the sleek modern looking fabulous stands that Jeanne and Mark put together, they have located our booth right at the entrance, so we could greet everybody that walk into the Altman building.

I honestly never expected the way people recognize me, both days were filled with picture taking, signing autographs and a few “Oprah” moments, as someone describe it, when someone will walk by and suddenly scream when they recognize me, making everybody around turn around to see what was happening, blush, blush, blush J.

I did have to walk around and see the fantastic products that were being display at the over 160 booths.

Since I just got a new Pomeranian puppy “Tito”, who has become my new best friend, I got my second best friend, a fancy looking new DYSON hand held vacuum, it is fantastic!!! And Tito loves it as much as I do since now he is allowed on my suede sofa. For some reason, my 16 weeks old puppy doesn’t mind when I use it, so I have to say, it is really animal friendly. Dyson had a booth at PFW too, so I got to personally thank them for thinking about pet owners on their new line, and by the way, they are not the kind of vacuums that you want to hide under the bed, they are a great piece of top of the line design.

It will be impossible to thank everybody that I met, but as I’m getting e-mails with pictures, I’ll post them on a special page.

Now I’m getting ready to go to Denver, CO to attend the Pekingese Club of America Dog Show, then I’ll be going to Nebraska, on September 5th and 6th to visit Kenl-Inn, were I’m going to meet my Nebraska fans and participate in a few events to collect food for the Lincoln, Nebraska food bank, and from there I’ll go to Groom Expo, in Hershey PA, were I’m going to again, be at the Forever Stainless Steel booth give talks and participate in a few events and get to spend time with some of GROOMER HAS IT contestants.

Now I’m running late to work!!!!

Have a great Holiday weekend.

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well bloggers

While I try to catch up with back blogs entries, I can’t but take a break and comment on tonight’s episode of  Bravo TV reality show Shear Genius.

As I’m sure happening with lots of you groomers and pet lovers, we jump out of chair when we realize that hairdressers will have to groom dogs!!!!

It took me a few minutes to calm down and decide to wait and don’t judge till the challenge was over, well, by the time they were done, but not yet be judge, I was Ok thinking that wile shooting GROOMER HAS IT, we did got to work with animals that we usually don’t groom, SHEEPS!!!, and I remember how careful the production company was, and all the professionals and experts that overlook every episode, so after remembering that, I relax and started enjoying the show. The salon looked FABULOUS, I love, like on GROOMER HAS IT, how good grooming equipment look on TV, the tables looked out of this word fabulous!. Soon after the show was over, I got an e-mail from Jeanne, from Forever Stainless Steel, telling me that those were FSS Tables!!!, That explain why I love them, beside, together with the cute Pomeranian on their adds, I'm their new Poster Boy :)

Well, I was expecting to see  a professional dog groomer as a guest judge.

And going back to having human hair stylists groom dogs, I’m all for educating pet owners who want to play and cut their dog hair, if they lean how to do it safely, I think is a great way for owners to bound with their dogs, but I never recommend doing it till they have learn all the safety measurements that they must take before  getting hands on the pooches…

So at ease now, I can enjoy the show…

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky