Saturday, May 31, 2008

Judging Judges

Well, I wasn’t the only Groomer Has it “celebrity” at the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ on Sunday may 25th, A soon I stept on the showgrounds I was told that Xavier Santiago, AKA the mean judge on “GROOMER HAS IT” was there showing his Alaskan Malamute. Congratulation to him for finishing her championship that weekend, and I believe is the first dog finish by him (for someone that is so picky and tuff I was expecting a much larger record of champions under his belt). But I did enjoy seeing him, and I have to say, when you get to talk with him, he is slightly nicer that come across on the show, and I mean slightly J.

Even though I could give Xavier a few good points of advise when it comes to show dogs, like not making that much noise, OK OK, we know you need to keep your dog attention, but they are other people trying to show their dogs in the ring with you, so making too much noise can be distracting to others.

I believe that we enter shows to have the judges examine our job, so we need to be careful on not block their view, keeping your hand in front of the dog face when the judge is trying to get a good look is slightly disturbing, Bate from behind!!! Or the side, as a Judge, I find that pretty annoying, if you want me to judge your dog, let me see it!!!.

But, beside those two points I have to say his Alaskan Malamute was in flawless condition, and I was glad to spend sometime talking with Xavier, and to use his same words, watch his “train wreck” handling J, Just kidding J. So maybe we are going to see more of Xavier at the show ring, Westminster maybe?

Have a great week!

Jorge Bendersky

Saturday at a Dog Show

Is being a wile since I last posted something here, and believe me, is not because nothing happen… but as many of you know, when you are a dog groomer, the holiday season is very busy, you need to be sure all your clients look FABULOUS, so I usually have no time to do much beside work.

But on Memorial Day weekend I attended the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ. Telling you all about it is going to be too long, so I’m going to divide this post in 2 J.

When you live in New York City, you are used to walking into big celebrities all the time, and is just something normal. Since GROOMER HAS IT, I do get recognized on the street, it is funny how most people will just stare at you and make comments to their friends, and some will approach you and talk about the show, and I though that “THAT WAS IT”, well, how wrong I was, A soon as we arrive to the dog show with my friend Carol Smith, top groomer, handler and breeder of Italian Greyhounds under the HONORE prefix (she actually bred the #1 IG in the country) people started to recognize me, and be aware that most of people that show and breed dogs, they are dog groomers during the week, so after I was send back to the dog house with my tail between the legs on the “On the cover” episode of Groomer Has it, I was a bit nervous of other groomers reaction, since some of the blogs comments were pretty cruel, and as much as I try not to pay attention, it does hurt a little. But to my surprise, lots of people were approaching me, asking me to sign their catalogs, Groomer Has It cards and take pictures to display on their shops, It was a trill!.

But the more touching moment was still about to come, the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ hold a Junior Handling competition, so the show it was filled with young ladies and gentlemen all dress up and ready to work it in the ring, and they were so exited about meeting me. Since I didn’t perform to my best on the last episode, I turn that negative into a positive learning experience to tell all those kids the importance of never give up, to always do you best and keep a good sportsmanship over all, we don’t need to compete against others, we need to compete to get better every time, to do always the best we can, and when things don’t work out, to never give up and keep trying. It was so fun to be at ringside encouraging the future starts of the dog circuit. My congratulations to all, GREAT JOB!!!!.

Kudos’ to Jonathan Pennella for his great job and thank you for the picture!!!

It was great meeting Donnah Roder from the Shakai Kennel and her beautiful Chinese Cresteds. Elvis and his beautiful Sheltie and Collies, I love the white collie he was showing!

And “Hola” to all the other people I met and I can’t remember the names right now, I’m not that good at this kind of stuff J.

So even that I left the judging arena at GROOMER HAS IT with my tail between my legs, after the dog show I went back home wagging my tail like a happy puppy J


Jorge Bendersky




Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Is not all about getting ready to wear white shoes, let’s first remember that Memorial Day is the holiday that commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country. So my respect to all the heroes that fought, and keeps fighting for our freedom.

But going back to the white shoes… we all know that today, May 21 is the beginning of Fleet Week when Thousands of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen from U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships will be in town.

So it is the weekend when all the single ladies in NYC have they pooches groom to perfection and hit the streets to welcome the men in uniform to show them a good time around town. So girls, and boys, after you take Fifi back home, let your hair down and lets carry on !!!

Changing subject for a minute, the discussion forum on my website is really taking off, more members everyday, and we have some experts, Judge, breeder and exhibitor, Tony Rosato giving us tips on how to groom a Chow, together with some people for rescue and plenty of Chow fans. And that is the healthy way to help others to overcome their fear of Chows, not just complaining online about it. “Knowledge is Power”, so thank you all for being part of the solution.

I believe today is the six consecutive rainy day in NYC, and that makes walking long hair dog a nightmare! One product that is really helping Rhea and myself are the disposable rubber boots, I’ve tried with different dogs different brands and kind of boots and they always hate them, but she doesn’t mind this one at all, if you are in a rainy area, check them out .

And to end, I’m attaching the teaser for the upcoming episode of GROOMER HAS IT, this Saturday 9:00 PM E/P on Animal Planter where we are going “Picture perfect” and the drama continues…

Have a great holiday weekend and remember, “ Kiss a sailor, send him home with a smile “ J


Jorge Bendersky

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Biscuits and Chows!

Good Morning Blogers!!!

Last night episode of Groomer Has it, was a great one, just promos were causing a lot of Chow fans to be upset and ready to fight, but I’m sure, after watching the show their realize that all of the Chow used for the challenge, were not only rescues, but very sweet, at least most of then, so it did makes us to re-think our bad memories on working with them. Doesn’t mean that I’m going to be grooming then anytime soon, even though I’ll groom Suzy, my chow, at anytime, but I did grow a lot of respect for the job of the rescue group, how they turned those dogs into sweet loving pets, since most of them they were turn to rescue because temperament issues, some of them were already adopted, and some other were still working out some issues, so my kudos to the Chow rescue ladies. BEAUTIFUL JOB!

Remember that we’ll be discussing the Chow episode on my discussion forum, so I’m looking forward to chit chat there J. This week, I'm inviting some Chow specialist to enlightens us all on how to handle and better take care of Chow, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER", so looking forward to see you there.

This is a quote of the e-mails I got this morning from “Suzy’s “owner, her picture is showed above, Just writing to tell you how delighted we were to watch the Chow chow episode of Groomer Has It.  You did an awesome job on our sweet Suzy!  No other grooming job she's had before and after the show compared to yours.  Our only regret is that you live in New York, and were on the opposite coast =( Thank you Ocampo-Trazo Family!!!

Last night text buddies during the show were:  Jasper; Frank, a NYC friend; and over the commercial breaks I was on the phone with Darryl and Randy, I love this multimedia Saturday night parties :). 


Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Flowers, bad hair…

Hello Bloggers!!!

Another rainy day in New York City, I guess the old say “ April showers bring May flowers..” got move forward, global warming?

Beside the general bad hair around the city, all this rain keep the city a bit cleaner, all the construction around Manhattan makes the streets incredible dirty, and those cute little long hair pooches quickly became city mops, so let’s celebrate rain and move on.

My past week was filled with great clients at the salon, but now that I need to keep remembering who I groomed, I find myself thinking, this is my favorite Labradoodle, or Shih Tzu or Yorkie, I realize, thank to this blog, that everyone of my clients it became my favorite, I guess is another reason to be thankful, the fact that being so requested and always busy had gave me the chance of be very selective of my clients, so I’ve to say, I love each one of them. Last week I got to see Dixie, love her, and her parents are an example of how being a proactive dog owner bring great results, I’ll ask them to write about on my forum, but Dixie is alive and healthy thank to the owners constant research of new and sometimes alternatives holistic treatments. GO DIXIE!

I keep meeting some new clients that have contact me after watching GROOMER HAS IT, and I have to say, they are great! Just got the pleasure to groom Leo, a beautiful Shih Tzu.

I’m working on the final details of the free workshop I’ll be conducting at the Jefferson Public Houses in East Harlem to teach grooming tips on how to better take care of your pets. This is very important to me, not only because I get to help dog owners to became more aware of how to take care of their dogs, but I can open up the eyes of many pet lovers of the possibilities of working on the pet industry, where is a wide spectrum of possibilities. I’ll keep you posted!!!.

I don’t want to forget to wish Jackie, a super cute Jack Russell terrier,pictured above, good luck on her little surgery, she is my friend Randy’s dog, and example of a beautiful rescue dog.

Have a great weekend!!! And stay tune for GROOMER HAS IT, this Saturday 9:00 pm E/P on Animal Planet.

Jorge Bendersky

Monday, May 12, 2008

Let's go CHOW CHOW !

Here is the teaser for the upcoming episode of GROOMER HAS IT... as you can see.. The DRAMA continues at the Dog House, we'll see who needs to be muzzled, and ain't talking about the dogs... Remember to stop by  the discussion forum to dish about it with me :)

Windy Monday!

I don’t know, but to me, it feels like February today in New York City. COLD!!!!

I really feel like being out and about walking around looking pretty with Reah, but this weather is not helping the look, so we staying in, eat some chicken soup and watch Groomer Has It reruns J

Today I found in my spam folder a picture that one of my clients, Joanna send me of her little Pomeranian name Chloe, I mention her before, but this picture is too funny!!!!, and the one with the Yorkies in Yankee outfits was send to me from a soon to be clients Kasi and Koda.

I love when clients send me pictures, need to create an online album to share them J.

I’m so happy how the forum in my website is growing, we discuss Groomer Has It, we talk about grooming, products, it is very time consuming, but I love it!

Have a great evening!!!

ps/ for some reason I'm having problems with the pics... will try again tomorrow


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Sunday!!!!


First of all, I want to wish all Mothers a Happy Mom’s Day!!!!

Another Sunday, survived another episode of GOOMER HAS IT so every feels lovely, I got up at 6:00 AM, walk Reah, the afghan hound that is staying with me for a wile since we both need to get back into shape for the summer, we decided to team up and start running, it comes out very natural and easy for her…. I compare her with Tyra, a supermodel, (Reah is a retired Am. Champion) that still look glamorous, walks like a Diva, but put on a few pounds…Well, I’m far from retired, so I better keep myself in shape J.

Now that the show is pretty much half way there, and with all the re-runs, I’m getting recognize much more outside, it is very funny, but I’m late to all my appointments because, if you didn’t notice it yet, I love to talk, so every time someone approach me and want to talk, I talk talk talk. It is not many people that can out talk me J.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York; I was out with my friend Henry and Reah walking around the city for hours. After that I got home and got ready to watch the show and text away with Jonathan and Jasper, my Saturday night text buddies.

By the way, I started a discussion forum on my website where I get to chat about grooming, and gossip about Groomer Has It, I believe it is the first internet forum hosted by a GHI contestant, and is growing fast, with polls and some juicy inside scoop. But you know better not to ask me who won….

Reah's picture taken by Jane Lang. Thank You!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I'm so exited, I just included on my website a discussion forum!, is so much to dish about Groomer Has It, that this blog is just not interactive enough, since I wanna hear opinions, and answer them!!!, they are many forums talking about GROOMER HAS IT, but this is the only one hosted by a contestant, so stop by and lets dish out some juicy details :).See you there!!!Jorge

Friday, May 9, 2008


OMG how exited it was last night! I assisted with Reah, and Afghan hound that is staying with me for a wile, to our first red carpet event!!! It was so much fun!!! Lots of photographers and media, FLASH, FLAS, FLASH, we loved it

The event was to launch HealthyMOUTH, First of its Kind Dental Care Water for Dogs and Cats, the location was stunning, a beautiful penthouse in a building by the Hudson, with a terrace that you will not believe. It was organize by Christopher Gustafson

It was the first social event I attended were a lot of people knew who I was, isn’t that cool? I got to talk about dogs for hours!!!!. and BTW I met the glamorous "Elizabeth Taylor" the Cavalier from  HBO "SEX AND THE CITY" (Showed in picture with Jonathan David, his poodle and myself)

I was glad to see Lynn, from, so I got to personally thank her for the great piece she did on me last week (Click here for the  DailyKibble article), then I spend some time with Renay Smith, from Animal Fair. You know, I have spoken with reporters before, but when you find those that really “love dogs” you just feel like you are sitting in a bench at the dog run talking, is so relax and pressure free, I dint check how my hair looks once! I hope I won’t regret that when I see the pictures.

I met Gayle Martz , the creator of the Sherpa bag, what a sweet lady! And she gave me one adorable pray card with Sherpa’s picture on. You can check her website and see all the beautiful pictures in the Remembering Sherpa section.

I met so many interesting people.

Jonathan David, the other NY GROMMER HAS IT contestant was there with his Boyfriend Sebastian and their two toy poodles, we haven’t see each other much since we got back from LA, so it was fun spending some time with him and Seba, when we were interviewed together, he had some beautiful words to say about how we got alone living in the DOG HOUSE. THANX Jonathan! but I’m still waiting to see what else he has to say behind my back in  Groomer Has It …

My good friend Andrea Arden was there too, is always so much fun to be around her! and of course Jennifer Bristol, who is basically my brain J, who carries around her little dog , as today, he hasn’t make a sound every time I see him.

Time to go out and grab some coffee.

Have a great day!!!!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Do I have a bugger in my nose?

This is very funny, I was at PETCO looking for a rubber brush and I realize that I was getting steer a lot, I start feeling that, perhaps, since I’m still dealing with this allergies, I’ve buggers on my nose, or the zipper of my pants open, OR SOMETHING! I was kind of uncomfortable, and I ask my friend if it was something wrong with me, his answer… DUMMY you are on TV!!!.
Hahaha I guess that is what being recognize on the street feels like, BUGGERS IN YOUR NOSE!!!.
I’m still trilled of all the beautiful comments and compliments I got from the “Yorkie Chat” formerly mention by me as the “Yorkie Ladies” but I realize that they are a few gentlemen ☺. You need to check the comments!!!( Click here for comments), nothing more satisfying that a complement of a job that you do with so much love. Thank you again Tumi for being so cute and well behave!!!!
Here are a couple of pictures of Mimi, Tumi and myself ☺

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunny Tuesday

Hello bloggers!!

It is so beautiful today in NYC, Sunny with a temperature in the 70’s.

I’m still dealing with this cold or allergies, don't know what it is but looking forward to get over it.

Since I’m not feeling to well, I only booked a couple of dogs for today. I finally got to meet Tumi, and her mom, Mimi, one of the ladies from the Yorkie Chat, were all Yorkies fans should stop by.

Tumi is a tiny young lady, her baby thin hair made it perfect for a good scissor all around cut, I have to say, she behave like a Princess, looking forwards from her Mom feedback.

Then I groomed Rawdy, super laid back Shih Tzu, he will stay on the table for days, and he loves attention, he got his spring cut.

 Wile at work, working with dogs, I completely forgot about my cold, I guess is the puppy love therapy J.

Tomorrow I’ll attend a launch party/event for a new health/wellness product for dogs, and I’ll tell you all about it, I hope it doesn’t rain…I love going out and talk about Groomer Has It, since I’m really enjoying watching it. Bellow is the teaser for next week episode!!!

I have to say, grooming cats was a big challenge for me, since I’m not a cat person and I haven’t groom one in years! A little bird told me that the episode is going be filled with drama and fun…

Catch you later folks!!!



Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday at work

The good think about my Mondays, is that people is still talking about the latest episode of Groomer Has It, and since this morning I was featured on the AM NY, was much more to talk, so needless to say I run my mouth way more that I should, so I work from sun up to sun down, long day…But what it make my day much better was that I got to groom, Jasper, the Standard Poodle, and Asta, one of my dear Shih Tzus, and since he is going to AZ for a few days, he got a cute summer cut. “Chloe”, OMG the cutest sassiest Pom, Her owner likes her very short all over, and I’ve to say.. She does look good. “Dice” was at the salon today too, a very “macho” Maltese, full coat, beautiful and growls to anybody that gets close to my table when I’m grooming him, he comes every two weeks, so he is in great shape, and really enjoy getting groomed.

When I have so many of my favorites clients, time fly, but I feel it once I get home… and since is 5 de Mayo, I stopped for a burrito and a beer at a local restaurant.

This is all for now.

Have a great night!!!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!!



Sunny Monday in NYC

Another morning with a steamy cup of coffee and the news Paper, where I’m being interviewed AGAIN!!. Today the AM New York Magazine (Manhattan largest circulation daily) did a profile on me on their business section 180  “THIS CAREER ON PAWS”, Thank you Karen Tina for your patience, I’m so new on all this being interviewed that it takes a very talented and patience reporter to give me the time to warm up and get the best out of me, besides that when I’m nervous I talk louder and faster… so you know is hard to understand me J!!!.

Today is a long hard day at work, so I better leave the keyboard and grab the slicker brush!

Blog you later,


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

This morning NYC was cloudy and on the cold side, but suddenly the sky open and spring is blessing us again. I’m still trying to fight this bug, not sure is a flu, a cold, or just a side effect from working way too much… But I pull myself together this morning and walk to work, groom a few dogs, including one of my old timers little Emmet a malti-poo full of attitude, and BTW, his Mom always bake cookies to bring to the store, so when we know he is due for a groom… we are all waiting wagging our tails when she walks in, today were some awesome brown sugar cookies, I eat so many that my eye balls were shaking J.

 I really enjoyed last night episode of Groomer Has It, it was, on my opinion, well edited and funny. Of course, when you are part of it, you keep remember not only all what you said, but what you heard that never made it to the air… and sometimes… it is a good thing… wile Groomer Has It was on I was texting back and forth with Jonathan and Jasper. And for all those who ask, Mallisa is not acting, that is the “REAL” her…. I wonder how much is she enjoying watching the show, and if it has impacted her “LOOKS…” Some people still irritate me wile I watch the show…

Below, I’m posting a video of a Groomer Has It fan, zookiemommyI love the fact that she takes notes and have a video blog every Saturday after the show airs, She hates my voice J, and, between us, she is not the only one, I know I’m like a mix between Fran Drescher and Ricky Ricardo, Loud, Nasal and with a thick Spanish accent J, here you can’t hear me but for my grammar you can very well tell that English is my second language J.

Ok, I’m going to make some collard greens now, when I’m not feeling well I love comfort food, and by the way, I’m a very good cook.

Until my next blog entry, Hasta la vista!!!!!

Much love,


Ps/ Answering Randy’s post about him not being high maintenance, let me tell you, he is a filmmaker, and for over 4 years he followed Jackie Beat, a famous performer, you guys have no idea how many times I have to watch that documentary!!!!!!, so Randy…



Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bitter sweet Kentucky Derby

Since I think I’m coming down with a flu, and the weather in NYC is pretty cold, I decided to, beside brunch with Bari and Charlie (my usual Saturday brunch buddies) do nothing but chill at home, defrosted some chicken soup that I’ve made a couple of days ago, and seat with anticipation waiting for the race to start, I have inherit that passion from my father, who owned a few race horses when I was growing up.
The favorites were a horse named “BIG BROWN” and a filly named “EIGHT BELLES”, (any comparison with the presidential race is on you). I was jumping out of my bed watching BIG BROWN take the last leg like a storm, great race!!, Shortly after we learned that “EIGH BELLES” was fatally injured right after crossing the finishing line in 2nd place and have to be euthanized. That was very hard to watch, since I love horses as much as I love dogs, and this kind of accidents make me re-think my passion for horse racing.
So my congratulations to “BIG BROWN” Team, and my heart felt condolences to the “EIGTH BELLES” Team.
You can learn more about the race Here

Happy Saturday!!!

How can you not start a day without a smile when you wake up to read all the nice things people is talking about me, I just feel so blessed, this morning I got the Daily News and there I’m, giving Spring Tips for dog owners, was a very fun interview with Amy Sacks, I LOVE IT!!, the pictures there were taken by Jen Halpern, she is Hysterical!!!!. Soon after, I got my Google alert that lead me to Robin Koury Pet & Life Expert website, THANK YOU!!!! , And yes, I’ll be doing some inside dishing on the show… like tonight, you better tune in to see some bad back stabbing!!!! Have you watched the teaser clips of Groomer Has It? Jonathan and Malissa are really going at each other!!! .

I still haven’t stopped at the Yorkie Chat to get some inside scoop on Yorkie Care from the very funny Yorkie Ladies!!!.

Time to get ready for brunch; since I work Sundays, today is the day to catch up with friends.

Have a great Saturday!!!.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Early Friday

Good Morning.

What a surprise it was to wake up, surf around the Internet while I'm having my coffee and find out that have an article on me on the Today Scoop!!!! Reading that make me start my day in a great mood!!!!, Now I need to call my friend Randy and force him to sit on the computer, read it, and give me his feedback. He is a high-maintenance friend, but I have to admit, deal with me is not that easy :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Thursday!!

Hello there!

Today is the last day of my grooming week, and I’m ready for my break, Last night NY Castings Party was boring, maybe it was just the wrong kind of crowd for me, but boring. My friend Clay was with me so is always a good time when Clay is around.

At work, I got a very cute new client, name Oliver, Mad cute Jack Russell mix, leave him a very cute maw oak and flag tail; after I finish, I got to play with Hudson, one of my very favorites. Having technical problems so I can’t post pics just yet.

I’m having a lot of fun at the Yorkie Chat, those Ladies are hysterical, it is definitely my Yorkie Fan Club, and their dogs are so cute.

Ok, is 8:00 pm and I'm watching Groomer Has It rerun :) I love re-runs!!!!! Shaving sheeps was a lot of fun!!!.

Going to run out and grab something to eat

Catch you all later!!!!!

Have a Great evening!!!