Sunday, October 12, 2008

DOGS 101 or DOGS 911

Last night after a long day running around with friends, going to the gym and trying to enjoys what they could be the last nice warm days of the year I set myself at home, in front of the TV with Tito, my Pomeranian, to watch the new Animal Planet’s show DOGS 101, I was not only exited because I just love any show that include or is about dogs, but because Jonathan David, fellow contestant of GROOMER HAS IT was going to be featured as the Grooming expert, and my long time friend, Andrea Arden was featured as a Expert trainer, so I prop myself up and  waited for the show to came on.

The first breed featured was the FRENCH BULLDOG, who doesn’t love a FRENCHIE!!!!, the segment started with a good description of the breed history and soon after started mentioning a whole list of health issues. It was very disappointing to see how the breed problems were just mentioned as something that it comes with the territory.

As a former dog breeder, and a conformation dog judge I was horrified on how the breed was described. Obviously, someone didn’t do his home work and read the official American Kennel Club and UK Kennel Club breed standard, calling the breed non-athletic, and describing his hindquarters as narrow and WEAK!, yeah, maybe that is what you get from poorly breed dogs, but responsible breeders don’t take those faults as a norm, neither the breathing problems. Below is an extract of the AKC Breed standard:

Hindquarters: Hind legs are strong and muscular, longer than the forelegs, so as to elevate the loins above the shoulders. Hocks well let down. Feet are moderate in size, compact and firmly set. Toes compact, well split up, with high knuckles and short stubby nails; hind feet slightly longer than forefeet.

If we want to take a look on the UK Kennel Club, were the breed was actually created, the breed standard is very clear:

General Appearance: Sturdy, compact, solid, small dog with good bone, short, smooth coat. No point exaggerated, balance essential. Dogs showing respiratory distress highly undesirable.


Free and flowing. Soundness of movement of the utmost importance.

In either side of the ocean this terrible, painful faults such as breathing and conformation are taken in such as light way as Animal Planet is portraying it.

As a prove on how serious breathing, breeding and other faults are, the Kennel Club in England has taken the initiative, after years of asking breeders to pay attention to shrinking gene pools and to make an extra effort to breed healthy animals.

Last week the two leading dog organizations in the UK, the welfare charity Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club announced that they will be calling for Government support for an independent review into the registration, breeding and showing of dogs to ensure their long term health and welfare.

The review will be set up and funded by the Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club since the priority of both organizations is to promote and support the care, welfare and breeding of healthy dogs. 

Said Clarissa Baldwin, Chief Executive, Dogs Trust: “We believe an independent review is essential in coordinating the large body of research and evidence and to advise on workable, timely recommendations for ensuring the future good health and welfare of all dogs.”

The Kennel Club is launching a complete review of every pedigree dog breed in the UK in a move that will have far-reaching benefits for the health of many breeds.  It has also called on the government to give it the statutory powers to clamp down on breeders who fail to make a dog’s health their top priority.

A breed health plan will be coordinated for each of the UK’s 209 pedigree breeds and will benefit from the extensive research that has been funded by the Kennel Club in conjunction with renowned veterinary research centers over the past 40 years.  This will include updated breed standards to ensure that no dog is bred for features that might prevent it from seeing, walking and breathing freely.  Judges will be fully briefed on the new breed standards so that only the healthiest dogs are rewarded in the show ring.


As we can see, some organizations are taking the health issues seriously; you can read the full articles clicking on the Links bellow:


Kennel Club Announces New Changes to Safeguard Health of Pedigree Dogs


I hope Animal Planet and DOGS 101 producers will pay more attention and become part of the solution, and not part of the problem, after all they always broadcast some of the greatest dog shows. Do I need to remain them that the purpose of a dog show is to price and select the breed specimens that are healthy to keep our beloved companions happy and healthy for years to come? It is up to responsible breeders not to turn dog shows into “freak shows” selecting the best specimens to assure that we can all have the dogs we love, and they are not only cute, but also healthy. Gasping for air doesn’t scream healthy or happy on my book.

Other than that, the other breeds were fairly portrayed, and all the experts look and sounded great!

I’ll be looking forward for more Dogs 101 next week, and then you can stop by here so we can dish about it.

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad Timing

Hello Bloggers!!!!

I being forever since I last posted here, and I know is not excuse, but I’m running like a chicken without a head.

I can totally say that my professional life is divided before and after Groomer Has it… and my brain is in the “before” state…

But going back to my bad timing issues, it is funny, but not really…

A couple of months ago, my friend Richard Gross, who is one of the most inspirational positive encouraging persons that I know. We meet not to long ago, but his advice and encouragement it has being a huge support when I felt overwhelmed.

Well, he has being working on his collection RAGS 48, Spring 2008 for a wile now, and a couple of months ago he invited me to a Party, and I though it was his show… I showed up with flowers and a big smile, he wasn’t there, it wasn’t his party…Well… this past Wednesday I worked only ½ a day, took a nap, got up ready to shower and go to his show, open the email again to get the address and guess what??? The show was the day BEFORE!!!, and I missed it.

I felt, and still feel so stupid, I did apologize to him, but I’m still so mad that I couldn’t be there to support one of the persons that has being so supportive… and what is worst, I missed the opportunity to see that FABULOUS collection.

He really design for the “real” size woman, I love it, I think Jennifer Hudson better take a look, his line is designed for the real size woman, love it.

Here is a picture of his collection with Marque who I believe sponsored the event together with Macy’s.

Good Luck Richard!!!!!

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OMG (Oh My God), thats right, that is the only way I can start my blog entry from my last weekend in NYC Pet Fashion Week (PFW).

It was a weekend that I will remember for a long time.

I was exited to have my first show with my new friends, the FOREVER STAINLES STEEL Company, who I got to admire wile using their equipment at the grooming salon of GROOMER HAS IT. I was so impress with the tubs and tables that it was just a matter of time till I got in touch with Jeanne and Mark and after getting to know each other it just felt natural that I jump on board and start telling everybody the benefits in working with products of the quality that FOREVER STAINLESS STEEL offer. We decided that PFW was a great opportunity to see how we will feel on working together, IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE! not only because since everybody in the pet industry knows of the sleek modern looking fabulous stands that Jeanne and Mark put together, they have located our booth right at the entrance, so we could greet everybody that walk into the Altman building.

I honestly never expected the way people recognize me, both days were filled with picture taking, signing autographs and a few “Oprah” moments, as someone describe it, when someone will walk by and suddenly scream when they recognize me, making everybody around turn around to see what was happening, blush, blush, blush J.

I did have to walk around and see the fantastic products that were being display at the over 160 booths.

Since I just got a new Pomeranian puppy “Tito”, who has become my new best friend, I got my second best friend, a fancy looking new DYSON hand held vacuum, it is fantastic!!! And Tito loves it as much as I do since now he is allowed on my suede sofa. For some reason, my 16 weeks old puppy doesn’t mind when I use it, so I have to say, it is really animal friendly. Dyson had a booth at PFW too, so I got to personally thank them for thinking about pet owners on their new line, and by the way, they are not the kind of vacuums that you want to hide under the bed, they are a great piece of top of the line design.

It will be impossible to thank everybody that I met, but as I’m getting e-mails with pictures, I’ll post them on a special page.

Now I’m getting ready to go to Denver, CO to attend the Pekingese Club of America Dog Show, then I’ll be going to Nebraska, on September 5th and 6th to visit Kenl-Inn, were I’m going to meet my Nebraska fans and participate in a few events to collect food for the Lincoln, Nebraska food bank, and from there I’ll go to Groom Expo, in Hershey PA, were I’m going to again, be at the Forever Stainless Steel booth give talks and participate in a few events and get to spend time with some of GROOMER HAS IT contestants.

Now I’m running late to work!!!!

Have a great Holiday weekend.

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well bloggers

While I try to catch up with back blogs entries, I can’t but take a break and comment on tonight’s episode of  Bravo TV reality show Shear Genius.

As I’m sure happening with lots of you groomers and pet lovers, we jump out of chair when we realize that hairdressers will have to groom dogs!!!!

It took me a few minutes to calm down and decide to wait and don’t judge till the challenge was over, well, by the time they were done, but not yet be judge, I was Ok thinking that wile shooting GROOMER HAS IT, we did got to work with animals that we usually don’t groom, SHEEPS!!!, and I remember how careful the production company was, and all the professionals and experts that overlook every episode, so after remembering that, I relax and started enjoying the show. The salon looked FABULOUS, I love, like on GROOMER HAS IT, how good grooming equipment look on TV, the tables looked out of this word fabulous!. Soon after the show was over, I got an e-mail from Jeanne, from Forever Stainless Steel, telling me that those were FSS Tables!!!, That explain why I love them, beside, together with the cute Pomeranian on their adds, I'm their new Poster Boy :)

Well, I was expecting to see  a professional dog groomer as a guest judge.

And going back to having human hair stylists groom dogs, I’m all for educating pet owners who want to play and cut their dog hair, if they lean how to do it safely, I think is a great way for owners to bound with their dogs, but I never recommend doing it till they have learn all the safety measurements that they must take before  getting hands on the pooches…

So at ease now, I can enjoy the show…

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The prettiest Bridesmaid

Hello Blogers!!!
One of the greats gifts of having a great and loyal clientele is that you get to see them grow and succeed wile you be sure their pets look FABULOUS!
My latest experience was following Joanna's wedding Journey, that of course, included the participation of her super duper cute Chloe, a very tiny but very sassy Pomeranian, who I being keeping in style for a few years.
Wile Chloe's Mom run for months being sure everything was on cue for the big day, Chloe didn't just watch all the action from the sidelines… Besides watching her favorite groomer on GROOMER HAS IT, she was too, getting ready to be part of the wedding!!, Don't you just love that? Here I'm attaching Jo and Chloe's picture. It is just way to cute not to share, I think it should be a cover in a magazine.
My best wishes to Joanna, Anthony and Chloe!!!!
Much Love,
Jorge Bendersky

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Hello Blogers!

As we all know, In the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

I have a tradition, on every holiday, to remind myself the true meaning, before I get caught up on the fireworks, parades and barbeques, and hopefully some ice-cold beers.

Talking barbeques, I greatly miss my friend Ricky’s potatoes salad! but he has moved back to his native Mississippi and have fail on send me some .What he doesn’t fail is on keeping me posted what Mississippi  though about Groomer Has It

I just want to wish everybody a great Holiday, let’s always take a minute to remember and honor those who make our freedom possible, and after that let’s hit the streets and CELEBRATE!!!!!

Truly Yours,

Jorge Bendersky 

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Groovey Grooming Pawty in NYC

Hello Blogers!

On June 20th, I was invited to host a 60’s theme’s playgroup fundraising party at Animal Haven. I can’t tell you how much fun it was! Outrageous outfits, most of them owner-Dog coordinated, and packed!!! Lots of human food, dog treats, cakes and great products. As usual I talk talk talk till the last Chihuahua left the party room with his paws covering his ears!!!, it just doesn’t take much for me, just give me a bunch of dog owners that want to talk about their dogs and I’m ready.

I was all ready on my “mode” look, with some skinny jeans and a thin tie, Gosh, when I planned my outfit I completely forgot that was going to be a small dogs play group… so bending over on the skinnies wasn’t easy J, at some point, I just sit on the floor and let all the dogs jump on top of me J.

We raised over $2000. - !!! And I got to sign so many pictures!, you can check out some pictures here.

Being able to do this kind of stuff is what it made being part of GROOMER HAS IT the greatest experience of my life, I’ll always be thankful to Animal Planet for giving me the opportunity.

Stay tune! Because my goal is to rise, this year $ 10K, I already have helped to raised aprox $4500. Any big donor out there that want to help me out????

Hasta la vista,


Jorge Bendersky


Hello Blogers!

It has take me a couple of days to get myself together to write my unscheduled blog entry, but I being getting a few e-mails asking why I haven’t commented on the season finale of GROOMER HAS IT, so here I go…

Was I happy with the result? YES, As I say it before, I really like Jonathan and Artist, and respect both of them, Jonathan is a master of his craft, and Artist’s passion, will and drive made his dream come true. We all wanted to win for different reasons, I was just there to have fun, I don’t agree with those that say that since me or Jonathan have some celebrity clients we didn’t need the money, but what is true, winning Groomer Has It will have made my life easier, but will not really change it more that being a contestant has already change it. Artist life, on the other hand, I believe it will totally change, and for nothing but good, and he deserve that, I honestly don’t care if he wasn’t the more “seasoned” groomer in the house. He is, on my eyes, a role model, someone that will encourage other young men like him to never stop dreaming, he is a success story, and I’m trill he got the check and the truck J.

I do have to say that, being involve in the sport of breeding and showing dogs for so long, I was expecting better quality dogs for the final Dog Show, California is the home of some of the best kennels in the US, I was expecting to see dogs that will represent their breed properly, hopefully, for season 2, dog breeders are going to be willing to let Animal Planet use some of their dogs J.

Now I better start thinking how to get my life back… I’m like an old dog… I get so use to routines, I walk to work always on the same street, I have the same breakfast, and I watch the same programs, so my Saturday nights were all about Groomer Has It… Now I better get use to do something J


Jorge Bendersky

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Groomer Mill, with Sarah Grace

I don’t think I’m as though as people think I’m, neither I have the thick skin that some people think I should have, so I’ve to admit I sobbed watching the shelter episode of GROOMER HAS IT, and I cry reading Sarah’s post; where I came from, remind me how hard I have worked, how many people I love I have left back in Argentina, suddenly, reading the post made me, one more time, re evaluate my life, and those moments, sometimes, they are scary. Today, I realize, one more time how lucky I’m. One more time that I was right on following my heart when I left home 15 years ago. So I’m happy, I‘m happy that I got on the show, I’m proud of the way I carried myself (well, I do want to apologize for a couple of comments).

I treasure every nice comment I read, and analyze every bad one to see if is anything I can do to improve, I live every day as I’ll die tomorrow, but I learn every day as I would live forever, so this experience has being incredible and I have nothing but nice words to describe it. Now, I can’t wait to next Saturday, to kick back with a beer or a cocktail and watch, with no pressure, Artist and Jonathan, two fine gentleman, battling in out for the title, GO FOR IT BOYS!

And looking forward to lot more blogin, I like this..


Jorge Bendersky

Monday, June 23, 2008

Executed on TV!!!!

Hello Blogers!

It has take me a couple of days to get ready this blog, since I being trying to catch up with all beautiful e-mails I have gotten since I was executed on Groomer Has It last Saturday J

I have to say, that was a very good episode, I wasn’t to sure how I was going to react watching it, since I kind of put all that on my “Denial” file, so I really didn’t give it much though. But I was please on how the episode was finally edited, a lot is being said about editing on reality shows, but on my personal experience, if you say it, you own it, and I have to say, I’m happy on how I was represented on the show.

 I’m a happy guy , I have turn my hobby into my profession, I’m living my childhood dream, and I got to do it on TV, so, I do consider myself lucky, blessed and much more.

It was hard, at the beginning to get use to read some harsh comments on different blogs, but, HEY! You can be liked by everybody, so I love and appreciate it all those who follow me, and respect those who don’t, after all, not even God have everybody on his side J.

Groomer Has It has open so many doors for me, and I’m not talking about business doors, just the fact that I get to talk about my passion, dogs, with so many people, and I get to use my exposure to do community work, something that is very important for me, is just amazing! Last Friday I was the “Celebrity Guess” at a fundraising 60’s theme playgroup at Animal Haven, and I think we did pretty well. This was my second fundraising event for them; remember on the first one I raised over $2000 in two hours!!! A couple of weeks ago I hosted the Butterfly Awards for Living Beyond Belief, and now getting ready for my free grooming workshop at the housing projects on east Harlem next month, to teach kids how to take better care of their pets and open their eyes to the wide spectrum of opportunities that the pet industry has to offer, for this event, I got some great basic grooming kits donated by Forever Stainless Steel, that is the great company that provided Groomer Has It with all the grooming equipment ( and they did a superb job on that), so Thanks Jeanne again for hooking me up with all the free goodies!!!!

I’m trying to keep this one short, and not doing a good job on it.

I’m meeting Doc Halligan today since she is NYC doing a segment on the Mike and Juliet Morning show on dogs CPR, and I really want to spend some time with her, since she was, hands down, my favorite judge.

Have you guys got to see E! The Soup last week? Groomer Has It makes it again!

To finish, I just want to say that I couldn’t have chosen two better persons to be at the final 3, battle it out boys!!!

Catch you all soon.


Jorge Bendersky

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wacky Groomers Race!!!

Hello Blogers!

I usually I don’t post my opinion over GROOMER HAS IT episodes, but for some reason, I feel like chatting about this one for a minute.

What a fun episode this was, at least wile we where taping it, just driving around the Hollywood hills with Jonathan was a trill, and yeah, we bitch at each other constantly, but is just the way we are, if you think that is bitchy… you have to read the Text Messages we exchange every Saturday wile watching Groomer Has It LOL. I have the most respect for him and I know he does for me, but is just fun to get on each other’s nerves. Driving around with him was like an episode of I Love Lucy, and guess who Ricky Ricardo was ;) ? And yes, for us it was a challenge to get a grip on how to read the map, but once we got it together it was easy. I give Jonathan a lot of credit for maneuvering that big truck on the Hollywood hills, at some point it feel like we were riding THE CYCLONE one of the oldest wooden rollercoaster, located in Coney Island, New York. They have some beautiful houses up there, but not the best roads…

I felt like I was part of “Wacky Racers” 

(Wacky Races is an animated television series from Hanna-Barbera, about a group of 11 different cars racing against each other in various road rallies, with each driver hoping to win the title of the "World's Wackiest Racer." The cartoon was unusual in the large number of regular characters, twenty-four in total: the twenty-three people spread among the 11 race cars, plus the unseen (and never identified) race announcer. Another unusual feature of the series is that the stars of the show are the villains as opposed to the heroes.)

It was super fun, but after watching the final edit of the episode, I guess most of the fun part was left out, since it must be a nightmare to fit all that in a 45 minutes show.

I was sad to see Kathleen go, but I’ll have being sad to see anybody go at that point. 

 I just want to point out that one thing that keeps us going it was always our sense of humor, we tease each other constantly! So sometimes, when you see those jokes in a different content it can sound a bit catty, but, again, the “I’m better than you” “you go home next” “I’ll be happy to see you go” it was allays said on a fun way, and we were there for each other when we need it.

For those young ones, I’ll attach here a video of the Wacky Racers.

Stay tune for the next episode!!!!

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky


Saturday, June 14, 2008

SUMMER MADNESS Catching up!!

Hello Blogers!

Is being a wile since I last posted my ridiculous thoughts here, so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, just the way I like it J.

The last couple of weeks have being filled with lots of dogs, getting crazy busy at the salon and spending a lot of time planning my upcoming events, let me tell you about it. Buckle up!!!

Next week, I’m hosting a Groovy Summer Grooming Party on June 20th at Animal Haven Shelter in Soho. Is a 60’s theme party!, so I’m already planning wardrobe!.

On Saturday, June 21st, get ready for this, I’m going to be giving a lecture and a Q&A section at the new NEW YORK REALITY TV SCHOOL, this new school, created by Robert Galinsky, the person who help me to get over my fears and insecurities before leaving to LA to tape GROOMER HAS IT, so is going to be fun to be able to share my experience to the new generation of reality TV stars!!!, again, encouraging people to use their exposure to do community work.

It is confirmed that my free grooming workshop for the inner city kids in East Harlem is going to be on July 12, for this event, I team up with Council woman Melissa Mark Viverito and with the ASPCA who is bringing the Spay/Neuter van to the location. I got some great basic grooming kits and t-shirts to give to the attendees donated by my new friends from Forever Stainless Steel, who I adore and I’m so grateful for all the help.

On August, I was ask to be part of the host committee of a fundraising party in Fire Island, no details yet, but at party on the beach sound like my kind of party! I invited Jonathan David to be part of it too, since any party is a better party with Jonathan and Sebastian J

And looking ahead, I got some exited trips in September. On my Birthday, September 2nd I’ll be landing in Denver, Colorado, to attend The Pekingese Club of America National rotating Dog Show, seminars and parties, and I’m looking forward to meet GROOMER HAS IT fans from that area, the shows are going to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver International Airport. You can look for me at ringside on Sep 3 and 4th.

After the show, I’m running to the airport to go to Lincoln, NEBRASKA!!!! Were I’m going to spend 3 days at Kenl-Inn  Boarding, Grooming, Daycare facility you have to see the website, and newsletters, they are no joke!!!! They are involve in so many aspects of the pet industry, including lots of community work, and you know how important is for me to give back, There, I’m going to meet with K.Q. Allen all the rest of the team to talk, talk and talk, meet clients, staff, share my experience, learn from theirs, I’m so exited for this trip! from there I’ll be back in New York for a couple of days, barely enough to work my butt off  before I leave for Hershey , Pennsylvania, to assist to Groom Expo, were I’m going to hang out with I think, most, if not all of Groomer Has It contestants!!! Meeting people, giving talks. Yes… more talk!! I may ended learning English with all this talk, hehehe.

So, as you can all see, life is not boring on this part of town!!!

I feel so blessed and happy at this time; I just wish my hair would collaborate… But I almost have it under control.

That is all for now!!!


Jorge Bendersky

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rest in Peace Lena O'Neal

We all know by now that Tatum O’Neal has being all over the news for her troubles with the police last Sunday.

Tatum had say that the death of her Scottish terrier; named Lena was one of the factors that had set her off.

It is hard to watch and read how hard the media is being on her, and I say this because I was “Lena’s” groomer for a long time, and not to long ago I spoke with Tatum when she was updating me about Lena’s heath, and I was probably talking about Groomer Has it.

Putting aside all the media circus surrounding her this last couple of weeks, I feel terrible because I know first hand how much she care about her dog, who has being like a loyal friend when she needed one. Knowing how attach she was to Lena it is not hard to believe that her passing had left a big empty space on Tatum and her family.

That is the reason, as Lena’s groomer, that I wan to express my condolences and I hope that all this pass and she can get her life in order soon.

I’m sure Lena is watching over you Tatum. You were a great, loving and dedicated dog owner. I was honor to have you and Lena as my client.

God Bless,

Jorge Bendersky

Monday, June 2, 2008

Good Bye Yves Saint Laurent

It was sad waking up this morning learning that one of the last Icons of the fashion word, Yves Saint Laurent has die at his home in Paris last night at age 71.

I being always fascinated by his style and use of bright colors in contrast with black.

As I stylist I’ll miss him.

As a matter of fact, the black leather bracelet I wear on Groomer Has It is a YSL bracelet.

Rest in peace Yves Saint Laurent.

Jorge Bendersky

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Hello Blogers!!!

This past Friday was a beautiful day in New York City so with Rhea and Jenn Halpern we headed to the Chelsea Piers to take some pictures, Jenn has being incredibly patient on dealing with me wile trying to make me shut up to take pictures J, but we got some good ones.

On Saturday I co-hosted together with Debra Feyerick, the 6th Butterfly Awards for Living Beyond Belief a non-profit organization were I’m a board member. It was great to be able to honor this young leaders and their life saving work, and I got to spend a little time with some friends that I don’t get to see too often.

Today, Sunday I had a packed day at work and as usual it takes me forever to get to start working since we do a long session of “hot topics” were we discuss Groomer Has it, this past weekend was a hard one to watch, I really was sad when Jasper left the dog house, I know in order for someone to win, the rest has to leave, but after spending so much time with the other contestants you really started getting attached, and Jasper is not only a great groomer, is a great person, so it was sad to watch him go, but since the show ended we have being in touch, and I’m looking forward to meet his wife and his son. So my congratulations to Jasper on his great job on GROOMER HAS IT, you should check out his store The Dapper Dawg.

I spoke with Amber today, I was glad to hear that she is doing great on her 7th pregnancy month, so we got to catch up for a minute and I order from her the “ Amber’s Bath Spa” since I want to star offering that service to my clients, you can check Amber’s mobile Salon here, I’m really looking forward to go back to California to hang out with her.

And I want to leave you with the teaser for next week episode of GROOMER HAS IT, remember to tune in Saturdays 9:00pm E/P

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Judging Judges

Well, I wasn’t the only Groomer Has it “celebrity” at the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ on Sunday may 25th, A soon I stept on the showgrounds I was told that Xavier Santiago, AKA the mean judge on “GROOMER HAS IT” was there showing his Alaskan Malamute. Congratulation to him for finishing her championship that weekend, and I believe is the first dog finish by him (for someone that is so picky and tuff I was expecting a much larger record of champions under his belt). But I did enjoy seeing him, and I have to say, when you get to talk with him, he is slightly nicer that come across on the show, and I mean slightly J.

Even though I could give Xavier a few good points of advise when it comes to show dogs, like not making that much noise, OK OK, we know you need to keep your dog attention, but they are other people trying to show their dogs in the ring with you, so making too much noise can be distracting to others.

I believe that we enter shows to have the judges examine our job, so we need to be careful on not block their view, keeping your hand in front of the dog face when the judge is trying to get a good look is slightly disturbing, Bate from behind!!! Or the side, as a Judge, I find that pretty annoying, if you want me to judge your dog, let me see it!!!.

But, beside those two points I have to say his Alaskan Malamute was in flawless condition, and I was glad to spend sometime talking with Xavier, and to use his same words, watch his “train wreck” handling J, Just kidding J. So maybe we are going to see more of Xavier at the show ring, Westminster maybe?

Have a great week!

Jorge Bendersky

Saturday at a Dog Show

Is being a wile since I last posted something here, and believe me, is not because nothing happen… but as many of you know, when you are a dog groomer, the holiday season is very busy, you need to be sure all your clients look FABULOUS, so I usually have no time to do much beside work.

But on Memorial Day weekend I attended the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ. Telling you all about it is going to be too long, so I’m going to divide this post in 2 J.

When you live in New York City, you are used to walking into big celebrities all the time, and is just something normal. Since GROOMER HAS IT, I do get recognized on the street, it is funny how most people will just stare at you and make comments to their friends, and some will approach you and talk about the show, and I though that “THAT WAS IT”, well, how wrong I was, A soon as we arrive to the dog show with my friend Carol Smith, top groomer, handler and breeder of Italian Greyhounds under the HONORE prefix (she actually bred the #1 IG in the country) people started to recognize me, and be aware that most of people that show and breed dogs, they are dog groomers during the week, so after I was send back to the dog house with my tail between the legs on the “On the cover” episode of Groomer Has it, I was a bit nervous of other groomers reaction, since some of the blogs comments were pretty cruel, and as much as I try not to pay attention, it does hurt a little. But to my surprise, lots of people were approaching me, asking me to sign their catalogs, Groomer Has It cards and take pictures to display on their shops, It was a trill!.

But the more touching moment was still about to come, the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ hold a Junior Handling competition, so the show it was filled with young ladies and gentlemen all dress up and ready to work it in the ring, and they were so exited about meeting me. Since I didn’t perform to my best on the last episode, I turn that negative into a positive learning experience to tell all those kids the importance of never give up, to always do you best and keep a good sportsmanship over all, we don’t need to compete against others, we need to compete to get better every time, to do always the best we can, and when things don’t work out, to never give up and keep trying. It was so fun to be at ringside encouraging the future starts of the dog circuit. My congratulations to all, GREAT JOB!!!!.

Kudos’ to Jonathan Pennella for his great job and thank you for the picture!!!

It was great meeting Donnah Roder from the Shakai Kennel and her beautiful Chinese Cresteds. Elvis and his beautiful Sheltie and Collies, I love the white collie he was showing!

And “Hola” to all the other people I met and I can’t remember the names right now, I’m not that good at this kind of stuff J.

So even that I left the judging arena at GROOMER HAS IT with my tail between my legs, after the dog show I went back home wagging my tail like a happy puppy J


Jorge Bendersky




Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Is not all about getting ready to wear white shoes, let’s first remember that Memorial Day is the holiday that commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country. So my respect to all the heroes that fought, and keeps fighting for our freedom.

But going back to the white shoes… we all know that today, May 21 is the beginning of Fleet Week when Thousands of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen from U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships will be in town.

So it is the weekend when all the single ladies in NYC have they pooches groom to perfection and hit the streets to welcome the men in uniform to show them a good time around town. So girls, and boys, after you take Fifi back home, let your hair down and lets carry on !!!

Changing subject for a minute, the discussion forum on my website is really taking off, more members everyday, and we have some experts, Judge, breeder and exhibitor, Tony Rosato giving us tips on how to groom a Chow, together with some people for rescue and plenty of Chow fans. And that is the healthy way to help others to overcome their fear of Chows, not just complaining online about it. “Knowledge is Power”, so thank you all for being part of the solution.

I believe today is the six consecutive rainy day in NYC, and that makes walking long hair dog a nightmare! One product that is really helping Rhea and myself are the disposable rubber boots, I’ve tried with different dogs different brands and kind of boots and they always hate them, but she doesn’t mind this one at all, if you are in a rainy area, check them out .

And to end, I’m attaching the teaser for the upcoming episode of GROOMER HAS IT, this Saturday 9:00 PM E/P on Animal Planter where we are going “Picture perfect” and the drama continues…

Have a great holiday weekend and remember, “ Kiss a sailor, send him home with a smile “ J


Jorge Bendersky