Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Setting up the blog

Hi there, here I'm , on my day off, trying to put together this blog...I think Grooming dogs is easier....
I'm so exited, I just got off the phone with Mimi, who track me down from the show and wanted to make an appointment. She sounded super exited and happy to talk with me, and I love that trough Groomer Has It I'll be making lots of new friends, I'll meet Mimi and her tiny Yorkie, "Tumi" this Sunday. YEAH!!!!.
Got to run now and groom myself since I'm still on my PJ's and I'm invited to a party tonight.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this show! Your the best groomer. I will be watching every Saturday.

Debi said...

Hi Jorge, I hope it was a great party! Have fun with the show.