Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad Timing

Hello Bloggers!!!!

I being forever since I last posted here, and I know is not excuse, but I’m running like a chicken without a head.

I can totally say that my professional life is divided before and after Groomer Has it… and my brain is in the “before” state…

But going back to my bad timing issues, it is funny, but not really…

A couple of months ago, my friend Richard Gross, who is one of the most inspirational positive encouraging persons that I know. We meet not to long ago, but his advice and encouragement it has being a huge support when I felt overwhelmed.

Well, he has being working on his collection RAGS 48, Spring 2008 for a wile now, and a couple of months ago he invited me to a Party, and I though it was his show… I showed up with flowers and a big smile, he wasn’t there, it wasn’t his party…Well… this past Wednesday I worked only ½ a day, took a nap, got up ready to shower and go to his show, open the email again to get the address and guess what??? The show was the day BEFORE!!!, and I missed it.

I felt, and still feel so stupid, I did apologize to him, but I’m still so mad that I couldn’t be there to support one of the persons that has being so supportive… and what is worst, I missed the opportunity to see that FABULOUS collection.

He really design for the “real” size woman, I love it, I think Jennifer Hudson better take a look, his line is designed for the real size woman, love it.

Here is a picture of his collection with Marque who I believe sponsored the event together with Macy’s.

Good Luck Richard!!!!!

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky

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