Thursday, March 12, 2009

" Groomer Has It" is BACK!!!

I’m so excited that finally, after so much expectations, Animal Planet announced that “GROOMER HAS IT Season 2” is going to premier on Saturday, April 11th. When, again, we are going to watch 12 new groomers from around the country fighting to find out who’s clipper will still be running and who is going to get “shaved out” from the show every week. 

My secret informers have told me that they are going to be some funny new challenges, and drama is not going to be absent…

I have to say that watching the preview teaser it brought back lots of memories, and for a minute, I could feel the pain of the anticipation that the whole new Groomer Has It gang must be feeling right now. By this time last year I was about to explode!!!

I was surprised to see a few familiar faces, so I know whom I’ll be ruling for. Not that I’m going to make it public, since I’m planning to have a very active blog, maybe even a video blog. 

Since I mention familiar faces, Jai Rodriguez is again the leading men trying to keep those very opinionated Judges on their chairs. By the way, Jai looks quite buff on the promo picture, I guess with the longing of his music career he has hit the gym, Way to go Jai!!!

Stay tune not only to Animal Planet, but to my blog, where I’m going to be sharing not only my point of view, but commenting on the e-mails that I’m sure I’ll be receiving a soon the show hits the air.

Let me tell you a little bit of the GROOMER HAS IT 2 contestants:

CASSANDRA “The Spunky Chic”

Hometown: Akron, OH

Age: 25

Experience Level: 5 years

DANIELLE “Groomer from the Bronx”

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 25

Experience Level: 11 years


HUBER “Groomer with a Heart”

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 42

Experience Level: 33 years


JESSICA “The Girl Next Door”

Hometown: Jefferson, MA

Age: 22

Experience Level: 4 years


JOE “Chicken Joe”

Hometown: Wells, ME

Age: 58

Experience Level: 50+ years


KRISTA “Vegas Girl turned Groomer”

Hometown: Sherwood Park, Alberta, CAN

Age: 28

Experience Level: 2 years

LISA “Veteran Groomer”

Hometown: Genoa, IL

Age: 42

Experience Level: 30 years


MARCO “All Business”

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Age: 25

Experience Level: 3 years


MICHEAL “Confident Groomer”

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Age: 39

Experience Level: 5 years



Hometown: Medina, OH

Age: 28

Experience Level: 8 years


VANESSA “The Animal Communicator”

Hometown: Long Grove, IL

Age: 27

Experience Level: 10 years


WILLIAM (a.k.a. Bill) “The Fashionista”

Hometown: Delray Beach, FL

Age: 41

Experience Level: 16 years


Well, as we can all see, it is a pretty colorful bunch, and they have big shoes to fill J.

I just want to be the first one to welcome them to this fabulous journey.

Good luck fellow groomers !!!

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Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky


onemuse said...

Good to see you blogging! :o) Looking forward to season 2!

J.C. DogHero said...

Hey Jorge! Also glad to see you blogging again!

I bet being a former contestant is making the wait much more intense for you. You sound more excited about Season 2 than I do! ;)

I'll definitely be tuning in each week, looking forward to it!


Sofie Wollbraaten said...

Ooh, great that season 2 is coming! Can't wait!
Keep up the blogging!