Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is in the Air

After the last few months of hiding under layers of clothes, and snuggling on the couch eating bon-bons with Tito, my Pomeranian, it’s official, we are both ready for warmer weather. But, not so fast! Slipping into spring means more than unpacking the wardrobe from the closet. It means shedding that winter weight, breaking out the bronzer and putting personal grooming habits back into high gear! Tito has spent the winter swaddled in sweaters, trudging through mucky weather, and missing out on lots of active playtime, so, just like lots of dogs, getting ready for spring means diet, exercise, and a groom overhaul.

When winter jackets come off many dogs natural coats have become snarled and knotty. Brushing is a key part of canine care and begins by choosing the proper brush for your dog’s coat type. Mist on a leave-in conditioner, or a few drops of conditioner diluted in water, before starting. Hair is elastic and when it is moistened becomes more manageable and easier to brush out. A nice brushing is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your pet and, if done properly, should make every inch of your pup’s skin visible. Meaning, brushing is also an important tool in early detection of many types of skin issues. Early detection often means more affordable solutions, and I know we’d all like to keep those vet bills down!

Chances are the winter months haven’t kept Fido’s weight down though. Unfortunately, our dogs suffer the same weight gain consequences of comforting winter portions, and not enough activity, that we do. Maintaining a healthy weight and exercise habits are key to a long happy life for your dog. With longer daylight hours take an extra lap around the block, or meet up with your friends and their pups for a social hour at the park. When it’s snack time swap out your dog’s usual treats for vegetables, chances are your dog will beg for a carrot or a blueberry just as much as he does for a share of the bacon. Small changes will make it easier for him to get into slinky springtime shape in no time

Getting your puppy pal ready to prance next to your new spring Louboutin’s is really important to his well-being and vital to doing justice to your new spring wardrobe. What’s the best way to get yourself into shape for that wardrobe? Don’t ask me! Get a trainer.

Much Love and Good Hair,

Jorge Bendersky


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