Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Groovey Grooming Pawty in NYC

Hello Blogers!

On June 20th, I was invited to host a 60’s theme’s playgroup fundraising party at Animal Haven. I can’t tell you how much fun it was! Outrageous outfits, most of them owner-Dog coordinated, and packed!!! Lots of human food, dog treats, cakes and great products. As usual I talk talk talk till the last Chihuahua left the party room with his paws covering his ears!!!, it just doesn’t take much for me, just give me a bunch of dog owners that want to talk about their dogs and I’m ready.

I was all ready on my “mode” look, with some skinny jeans and a thin tie, Gosh, when I planned my outfit I completely forgot that was going to be a small dogs play group… so bending over on the skinnies wasn’t easy J, at some point, I just sit on the floor and let all the dogs jump on top of me J.

We raised over $2000. - !!! And I got to sign so many pictures!, you can check out some pictures here.

Being able to do this kind of stuff is what it made being part of GROOMER HAS IT the greatest experience of my life, I’ll always be thankful to Animal Planet for giving me the opportunity.

Stay tune! Because my goal is to rise, this year $ 10K, I already have helped to raised aprox $4500. Any big donor out there that want to help me out????

Hasta la vista,


Jorge Bendersky

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Michelle Brislin said...


Wonderful meeting you at the pawty.. the dogs and us humans alike could not get enough of "Jorge"..
We can't all thank you enough for making our dog event a smash!!
Your skinny pants made all of us giggle...
Thanks for being REAL...
I am looking forward to working with you at my up-comming dog event in Philadelphia.."THE BARKZARRE"

The homeless dogs at the shelter will certainly appreciate your kindness.

Hugs & Kisses
Michelle Brislin
Brislin Chihuahuas