Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The prettiest Bridesmaid

Hello Blogers!!!
One of the greats gifts of having a great and loyal clientele is that you get to see them grow and succeed wile you be sure their pets look FABULOUS!
My latest experience was following Joanna's wedding Journey, that of course, included the participation of her super duper cute Chloe, a very tiny but very sassy Pomeranian, who I being keeping in style for a few years.
Wile Chloe's Mom run for months being sure everything was on cue for the big day, Chloe didn't just watch all the action from the sidelines… Besides watching her favorite groomer on GROOMER HAS IT, she was too, getting ready to be part of the wedding!!, Don't you just love that? Here I'm attaching Jo and Chloe's picture. It is just way to cute not to share, I think it should be a cover in a magazine.
My best wishes to Joanna, Anthony and Chloe!!!!
Much Love,
Jorge Bendersky

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