Sunday, June 1, 2008


Hello Blogers!!!

This past Friday was a beautiful day in New York City so with Rhea and Jenn Halpern we headed to the Chelsea Piers to take some pictures, Jenn has being incredibly patient on dealing with me wile trying to make me shut up to take pictures J, but we got some good ones.

On Saturday I co-hosted together with Debra Feyerick, the 6th Butterfly Awards for Living Beyond Belief a non-profit organization were I’m a board member. It was great to be able to honor this young leaders and their life saving work, and I got to spend a little time with some friends that I don’t get to see too often.

Today, Sunday I had a packed day at work and as usual it takes me forever to get to start working since we do a long session of “hot topics” were we discuss Groomer Has it, this past weekend was a hard one to watch, I really was sad when Jasper left the dog house, I know in order for someone to win, the rest has to leave, but after spending so much time with the other contestants you really started getting attached, and Jasper is not only a great groomer, is a great person, so it was sad to watch him go, but since the show ended we have being in touch, and I’m looking forward to meet his wife and his son. So my congratulations to Jasper on his great job on GROOMER HAS IT, you should check out his store The Dapper Dawg.

I spoke with Amber today, I was glad to hear that she is doing great on her 7th pregnancy month, so we got to catch up for a minute and I order from her the “ Amber’s Bath Spa” since I want to star offering that service to my clients, you can check Amber’s mobile Salon here, I’m really looking forward to go back to California to hang out with her.

And I want to leave you with the teaser for next week episode of GROOMER HAS IT, remember to tune in Saturdays 9:00pm E/P

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