Friday, June 27, 2008

The Groomer Mill, with Sarah Grace

I don’t think I’m as though as people think I’m, neither I have the thick skin that some people think I should have, so I’ve to admit I sobbed watching the shelter episode of GROOMER HAS IT, and I cry reading Sarah’s post; where I came from, remind me how hard I have worked, how many people I love I have left back in Argentina, suddenly, reading the post made me, one more time, re evaluate my life, and those moments, sometimes, they are scary. Today, I realize, one more time how lucky I’m. One more time that I was right on following my heart when I left home 15 years ago. So I’m happy, I‘m happy that I got on the show, I’m proud of the way I carried myself (well, I do want to apologize for a couple of comments).

I treasure every nice comment I read, and analyze every bad one to see if is anything I can do to improve, I live every day as I’ll die tomorrow, but I learn every day as I would live forever, so this experience has being incredible and I have nothing but nice words to describe it. Now, I can’t wait to next Saturday, to kick back with a beer or a cocktail and watch, with no pressure, Artist and Jonathan, two fine gentleman, battling in out for the title, GO FOR IT BOYS!

And looking forward to lot more blogin, I like this..


Jorge Bendersky


Anonymous said...

duh, after I left a post on the Groomer Has It Chat Mill about wanting to know where to find your blog, I realized your url was on the, so I found it. (yes, I am a dumb blonde)

I enjoyed reading your blog and have it bookmarked and am proud to be part of your cyber family!

It's exciting to read about all your plans and I hope to see you in the central Texas area sometime.

I only have one dog, a short hair heinze57 who loves going in for a day at the groomers, they don't care that she resembles a black Tasmanian devil, has no neck and is quite possibly the ugliest dog they every seen. When my girl comes out, she's prancing like she just won Best of Show, painted toenails and a bright bandana that she refuses to let be taken off for days.

I really appreciate how groomers love all dogs, and it's what I liked most about watching you on TV.

Good luck!

bunny slave

Jorge Bendersky said...

hi there!
Thank you so much for your post!, I will love to see a picture of your!!!, Please join my forum, and post pictures there!. Every time someone ask me about my personal client, I just can't point one, Love all of them, and it is true, some dogs feel very pretty once they get groomed, I love that :).

Sarah Disgrace said...

Jorge, I cannot stop talking about how great you are and what a pleasure it was to meet you in person and get to know you more. My fellow reality show fan, I feel like we need to have Project Runway viewing parties for the new season, or at least have post-dish sessions - cannot wait to buy you a cocktail to celebrate all your wonderful work!


Adriamarie said...

Thank You for Your Email and I hope You have received the Swarovski Crytsal collar pictures. When You get a chance send me Size and I can get one straight out to You, I know You'll Love it. BLING BLING.
Your a True High-Spirited Gentleman.
Please post more pics of You and Your Dogs, All Your Fans Are interested in the Next Jorge Project too.
Stay in Touch & Stay Well
Your Friend, Adriamarie

janette said...

hi jorge, check this out, what is the possibility we could be related? a lot of my family went to buenes airs before wwII. we lost touch with them never hearing from them again. since we are both groomers, i'm from near philly. could it be possible? JW

Miguel said...

Did Will and Jessica kick off Amber because she wanted to go home?

Was Artist told to take Teddy in the shelter episode?

Was Artist taken away from the group by the producers?

Was Artist coached to say certain things by the producers?

Jorge Bendersky said...

Thank you for your post!!! I did got the pictures, the collars look great!!! I have an Afghan Hound that I'm fostering for a friend, so she can't really use stones cuz of her coat... but I'll let you know when I get my own puppy, I'll love to have one of your collars!!!

Jorge Bendersky said...

Hi Janette
Not sure if we are related :) but we do share the I LOVE DOGS gene :)

Jorge Bendersky said...

Hi Miguel
For most of teh competition the dogs were assign randomly, we pick cards, nobody, as far as I know was coach by the producers, and we were all together all the time.
I wasn't at the judging arena when Amber got eliminated, so I really don't know what wen down, and we didn't even got to say goodbye to those that got eliminated...