Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wacky Groomers Race!!!

Hello Blogers!

I usually I don’t post my opinion over GROOMER HAS IT episodes, but for some reason, I feel like chatting about this one for a minute.

What a fun episode this was, at least wile we where taping it, just driving around the Hollywood hills with Jonathan was a trill, and yeah, we bitch at each other constantly, but is just the way we are, if you think that is bitchy… you have to read the Text Messages we exchange every Saturday wile watching Groomer Has It LOL. I have the most respect for him and I know he does for me, but is just fun to get on each other’s nerves. Driving around with him was like an episode of I Love Lucy, and guess who Ricky Ricardo was ;) ? And yes, for us it was a challenge to get a grip on how to read the map, but once we got it together it was easy. I give Jonathan a lot of credit for maneuvering that big truck on the Hollywood hills, at some point it feel like we were riding THE CYCLONE one of the oldest wooden rollercoaster, located in Coney Island, New York. They have some beautiful houses up there, but not the best roads…

I felt like I was part of “Wacky Racers” 

(Wacky Races is an animated television series from Hanna-Barbera, about a group of 11 different cars racing against each other in various road rallies, with each driver hoping to win the title of the "World's Wackiest Racer." The cartoon was unusual in the large number of regular characters, twenty-four in total: the twenty-three people spread among the 11 race cars, plus the unseen (and never identified) race announcer. Another unusual feature of the series is that the stars of the show are the villains as opposed to the heroes.)

It was super fun, but after watching the final edit of the episode, I guess most of the fun part was left out, since it must be a nightmare to fit all that in a 45 minutes show.

I was sad to see Kathleen go, but I’ll have being sad to see anybody go at that point. 

 I just want to point out that one thing that keeps us going it was always our sense of humor, we tease each other constantly! So sometimes, when you see those jokes in a different content it can sound a bit catty, but, again, the “I’m better than you” “you go home next” “I’ll be happy to see you go” it was allays said on a fun way, and we were there for each other when we need it.

For those young ones, I’ll attach here a video of the Wacky Racers.

Stay tune for the next episode!!!!

Much Love,

Jorge Bendersky



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Anonymous said...

You're right Jorge! That was a great episode...although I wish they could've spiced it up with some more interactions between you and Jonathon like you said.
I can't wait to see the next episode!! I am hooked! =)

Bloomington, Indiana