Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rest in Peace Lena O'Neal

We all know by now that Tatum O’Neal has being all over the news for her troubles with the police last Sunday.

Tatum had say that the death of her Scottish terrier; named Lena was one of the factors that had set her off.

It is hard to watch and read how hard the media is being on her, and I say this because I was “Lena’s” groomer for a long time, and not to long ago I spoke with Tatum when she was updating me about Lena’s heath, and I was probably talking about Groomer Has it.

Putting aside all the media circus surrounding her this last couple of weeks, I feel terrible because I know first hand how much she care about her dog, who has being like a loyal friend when she needed one. Knowing how attach she was to Lena it is not hard to believe that her passing had left a big empty space on Tatum and her family.

That is the reason, as Lena’s groomer, that I wan to express my condolences and I hope that all this pass and she can get her life in order soon.

I’m sure Lena is watching over you Tatum. You were a great, loving and dedicated dog owner. I was honor to have you and Lena as my client.

God Bless,

Jorge Bendersky

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