Saturday, June 14, 2008

SUMMER MADNESS Catching up!!

Hello Blogers!

Is being a wile since I last posted my ridiculous thoughts here, so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, just the way I like it J.

The last couple of weeks have being filled with lots of dogs, getting crazy busy at the salon and spending a lot of time planning my upcoming events, let me tell you about it. Buckle up!!!

Next week, I’m hosting a Groovy Summer Grooming Party on June 20th at Animal Haven Shelter in Soho. Is a 60’s theme party!, so I’m already planning wardrobe!.

On Saturday, June 21st, get ready for this, I’m going to be giving a lecture and a Q&A section at the new NEW YORK REALITY TV SCHOOL, this new school, created by Robert Galinsky, the person who help me to get over my fears and insecurities before leaving to LA to tape GROOMER HAS IT, so is going to be fun to be able to share my experience to the new generation of reality TV stars!!!, again, encouraging people to use their exposure to do community work.

It is confirmed that my free grooming workshop for the inner city kids in East Harlem is going to be on July 12, for this event, I team up with Council woman Melissa Mark Viverito and with the ASPCA who is bringing the Spay/Neuter van to the location. I got some great basic grooming kits and t-shirts to give to the attendees donated by my new friends from Forever Stainless Steel, who I adore and I’m so grateful for all the help.

On August, I was ask to be part of the host committee of a fundraising party in Fire Island, no details yet, but at party on the beach sound like my kind of party! I invited Jonathan David to be part of it too, since any party is a better party with Jonathan and Sebastian J

And looking ahead, I got some exited trips in September. On my Birthday, September 2nd I’ll be landing in Denver, Colorado, to attend The Pekingese Club of America National rotating Dog Show, seminars and parties, and I’m looking forward to meet GROOMER HAS IT fans from that area, the shows are going to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver International Airport. You can look for me at ringside on Sep 3 and 4th.

After the show, I’m running to the airport to go to Lincoln, NEBRASKA!!!! Were I’m going to spend 3 days at Kenl-Inn  Boarding, Grooming, Daycare facility you have to see the website, and newsletters, they are no joke!!!! They are involve in so many aspects of the pet industry, including lots of community work, and you know how important is for me to give back, There, I’m going to meet with K.Q. Allen all the rest of the team to talk, talk and talk, meet clients, staff, share my experience, learn from theirs, I’m so exited for this trip! from there I’ll be back in New York for a couple of days, barely enough to work my butt off  before I leave for Hershey , Pennsylvania, to assist to Groom Expo, were I’m going to hang out with I think, most, if not all of Groomer Has It contestants!!! Meeting people, giving talks. Yes… more talk!! I may ended learning English with all this talk, hehehe.

So, as you can all see, life is not boring on this part of town!!!

I feel so blessed and happy at this time; I just wish my hair would collaborate… But I almost have it under control.

That is all for now!!!


Jorge Bendersky

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