Monday, June 23, 2008

Executed on TV!!!!

Hello Blogers!

It has take me a couple of days to get ready this blog, since I being trying to catch up with all beautiful e-mails I have gotten since I was executed on Groomer Has It last Saturday J

I have to say, that was a very good episode, I wasn’t to sure how I was going to react watching it, since I kind of put all that on my “Denial” file, so I really didn’t give it much though. But I was please on how the episode was finally edited, a lot is being said about editing on reality shows, but on my personal experience, if you say it, you own it, and I have to say, I’m happy on how I was represented on the show.

 I’m a happy guy , I have turn my hobby into my profession, I’m living my childhood dream, and I got to do it on TV, so, I do consider myself lucky, blessed and much more.

It was hard, at the beginning to get use to read some harsh comments on different blogs, but, HEY! You can be liked by everybody, so I love and appreciate it all those who follow me, and respect those who don’t, after all, not even God have everybody on his side J.

Groomer Has It has open so many doors for me, and I’m not talking about business doors, just the fact that I get to talk about my passion, dogs, with so many people, and I get to use my exposure to do community work, something that is very important for me, is just amazing! Last Friday I was the “Celebrity Guess” at a fundraising 60’s theme playgroup at Animal Haven, and I think we did pretty well. This was my second fundraising event for them; remember on the first one I raised over $2000 in two hours!!! A couple of weeks ago I hosted the Butterfly Awards for Living Beyond Belief, and now getting ready for my free grooming workshop at the housing projects on east Harlem next month, to teach kids how to take better care of their pets and open their eyes to the wide spectrum of opportunities that the pet industry has to offer, for this event, I got some great basic grooming kits donated by Forever Stainless Steel, that is the great company that provided Groomer Has It with all the grooming equipment ( and they did a superb job on that), so Thanks Jeanne again for hooking me up with all the free goodies!!!!

I’m trying to keep this one short, and not doing a good job on it.

I’m meeting Doc Halligan today since she is NYC doing a segment on the Mike and Juliet Morning show on dogs CPR, and I really want to spend some time with her, since she was, hands down, my favorite judge.

Have you guys got to see E! The Soup last week? Groomer Has It makes it again!

To finish, I just want to say that I couldn’t have chosen two better persons to be at the final 3, battle it out boys!!!

Catch you all soon.


Jorge Bendersky


h. said...


you were my favorite! I'm so sad you got eliminated this week.
I'm glad you made at least the top three, though!

bernardsmom said...


I am so disappointed you were eliminated. You cracked me up every week and have a great positive personality. I'm sorry your shop is on the opposite side of the country!

Beau's mom said...

Dear Jorge, I was sorry to see you go.

It's so gracious that you have links to your fellow contestants, especially Japanese Chin rescue.