Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday at a Dog Show

Is being a wile since I last posted something here, and believe me, is not because nothing happen… but as many of you know, when you are a dog groomer, the holiday season is very busy, you need to be sure all your clients look FABULOUS, so I usually have no time to do much beside work.

But on Memorial Day weekend I attended the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ. Telling you all about it is going to be too long, so I’m going to divide this post in 2 J.

When you live in New York City, you are used to walking into big celebrities all the time, and is just something normal. Since GROOMER HAS IT, I do get recognized on the street, it is funny how most people will just stare at you and make comments to their friends, and some will approach you and talk about the show, and I though that “THAT WAS IT”, well, how wrong I was, A soon as we arrive to the dog show with my friend Carol Smith, top groomer, handler and breeder of Italian Greyhounds under the HONORE prefix (she actually bred the #1 IG in the country) people started to recognize me, and be aware that most of people that show and breed dogs, they are dog groomers during the week, so after I was send back to the dog house with my tail between the legs on the “On the cover” episode of Groomer Has it, I was a bit nervous of other groomers reaction, since some of the blogs comments were pretty cruel, and as much as I try not to pay attention, it does hurt a little. But to my surprise, lots of people were approaching me, asking me to sign their catalogs, Groomer Has It cards and take pictures to display on their shops, It was a trill!.

But the more touching moment was still about to come, the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ hold a Junior Handling competition, so the show it was filled with young ladies and gentlemen all dress up and ready to work it in the ring, and they were so exited about meeting me. Since I didn’t perform to my best on the last episode, I turn that negative into a positive learning experience to tell all those kids the importance of never give up, to always do you best and keep a good sportsmanship over all, we don’t need to compete against others, we need to compete to get better every time, to do always the best we can, and when things don’t work out, to never give up and keep trying. It was so fun to be at ringside encouraging the future starts of the dog circuit. My congratulations to all, GREAT JOB!!!!.

Kudos’ to Jonathan Pennella for his great job and thank you for the picture!!!

It was great meeting Donnah Roder from the Shakai Kennel and her beautiful Chinese Cresteds. Elvis and his beautiful Sheltie and Collies, I love the white collie he was showing!

And “Hola” to all the other people I met and I can’t remember the names right now, I’m not that good at this kind of stuff J.

So even that I left the judging arena at GROOMER HAS IT with my tail between my legs, after the dog show I went back home wagging my tail like a happy puppy J


Jorge Bendersky




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