Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Is not all about getting ready to wear white shoes, let’s first remember that Memorial Day is the holiday that commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country. So my respect to all the heroes that fought, and keeps fighting for our freedom.

But going back to the white shoes… we all know that today, May 21 is the beginning of Fleet Week when Thousands of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen from U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships will be in town.

So it is the weekend when all the single ladies in NYC have they pooches groom to perfection and hit the streets to welcome the men in uniform to show them a good time around town. So girls, and boys, after you take Fifi back home, let your hair down and lets carry on !!!

Changing subject for a minute, the discussion forum on my website is really taking off, more members everyday, and we have some experts, Judge, breeder and exhibitor, Tony Rosato giving us tips on how to groom a Chow, together with some people for rescue and plenty of Chow fans. And that is the healthy way to help others to overcome their fear of Chows, not just complaining online about it. “Knowledge is Power”, so thank you all for being part of the solution.

I believe today is the six consecutive rainy day in NYC, and that makes walking long hair dog a nightmare! One product that is really helping Rhea and myself are the disposable rubber boots, I’ve tried with different dogs different brands and kind of boots and they always hate them, but she doesn’t mind this one at all, if you are in a rainy area, check them out .

And to end, I’m attaching the teaser for the upcoming episode of GROOMER HAS IT, this Saturday 9:00 PM E/P on Animal Planter where we are going “Picture perfect” and the drama continues…

Have a great holiday weekend and remember, “ Kiss a sailor, send him home with a smile “ J


Jorge Bendersky

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