Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

This morning NYC was cloudy and on the cold side, but suddenly the sky open and spring is blessing us again. I’m still trying to fight this bug, not sure is a flu, a cold, or just a side effect from working way too much… But I pull myself together this morning and walk to work, groom a few dogs, including one of my old timers little Emmet a malti-poo full of attitude, and BTW, his Mom always bake cookies to bring to the store, so when we know he is due for a groom… we are all waiting wagging our tails when she walks in, today were some awesome brown sugar cookies, I eat so many that my eye balls were shaking J.

 I really enjoyed last night episode of Groomer Has It, it was, on my opinion, well edited and funny. Of course, when you are part of it, you keep remember not only all what you said, but what you heard that never made it to the air… and sometimes… it is a good thing… wile Groomer Has It was on I was texting back and forth with Jonathan and Jasper. And for all those who ask, Mallisa is not acting, that is the “REAL” her…. I wonder how much is she enjoying watching the show, and if it has impacted her “LOOKS…” Some people still irritate me wile I watch the show…

Below, I’m posting a video of a Groomer Has It fan, zookiemommyI love the fact that she takes notes and have a video blog every Saturday after the show airs, She hates my voice J, and, between us, she is not the only one, I know I’m like a mix between Fran Drescher and Ricky Ricardo, Loud, Nasal and with a thick Spanish accent J, here you can’t hear me but for my grammar you can very well tell that English is my second language J.

Ok, I’m going to make some collard greens now, when I’m not feeling well I love comfort food, and by the way, I’m a very good cook.

Until my next blog entry, Hasta la vista!!!!!

Much love,


Ps/ Answering Randy’s post about him not being high maintenance, let me tell you, he is a filmmaker, and for over 4 years he followed Jackie Beat, a famous performer, you guys have no idea how many times I have to watch that documentary!!!!!!, so Randy…



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