Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bitter sweet Kentucky Derby

Since I think I’m coming down with a flu, and the weather in NYC is pretty cold, I decided to, beside brunch with Bari and Charlie (my usual Saturday brunch buddies) do nothing but chill at home, defrosted some chicken soup that I’ve made a couple of days ago, and seat with anticipation waiting for the race to start, I have inherit that passion from my father, who owned a few race horses when I was growing up.
The favorites were a horse named “BIG BROWN” and a filly named “EIGHT BELLES”, (any comparison with the presidential race is on you). I was jumping out of my bed watching BIG BROWN take the last leg like a storm, great race!!, Shortly after we learned that “EIGH BELLES” was fatally injured right after crossing the finishing line in 2nd place and have to be euthanized. That was very hard to watch, since I love horses as much as I love dogs, and this kind of accidents make me re-think my passion for horse racing.
So my congratulations to “BIG BROWN” Team, and my heart felt condolences to the “EIGTH BELLES” Team.
You can learn more about the race Here

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