Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunny Tuesday

Hello bloggers!!

It is so beautiful today in NYC, Sunny with a temperature in the 70’s.

I’m still dealing with this cold or allergies, don't know what it is but looking forward to get over it.

Since I’m not feeling to well, I only booked a couple of dogs for today. I finally got to meet Tumi, and her mom, Mimi, one of the ladies from the Yorkie Chat, were all Yorkies fans should stop by.

Tumi is a tiny young lady, her baby thin hair made it perfect for a good scissor all around cut, I have to say, she behave like a Princess, looking forwards from her Mom feedback.

Then I groomed Rawdy, super laid back Shih Tzu, he will stay on the table for days, and he loves attention, he got his spring cut.

 Wile at work, working with dogs, I completely forgot about my cold, I guess is the puppy love therapy J.

Tomorrow I’ll attend a launch party/event for a new health/wellness product for dogs, and I’ll tell you all about it, I hope it doesn’t rain…I love going out and talk about Groomer Has It, since I’m really enjoying watching it. Bellow is the teaser for next week episode!!!

I have to say, grooming cats was a big challenge for me, since I’m not a cat person and I haven’t groom one in years! A little bird told me that the episode is going be filled with drama and fun…

Catch you later folks!!!



1 comment:

Mimi said...

Omg!! Thank you so much! We are sooo happy with the puppy cut that you gave Tumi! she looks perfect!