Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday at work

The good think about my Mondays, is that people is still talking about the latest episode of Groomer Has It, and since this morning I was featured on the AM NY, was much more to talk, so needless to say I run my mouth way more that I should, so I work from sun up to sun down, long day…But what it make my day much better was that I got to groom, Jasper, the Standard Poodle, and Asta, one of my dear Shih Tzus, and since he is going to AZ for a few days, he got a cute summer cut. “Chloe”, OMG the cutest sassiest Pom, Her owner likes her very short all over, and I’ve to say.. She does look good. “Dice” was at the salon today too, a very “macho” Maltese, full coat, beautiful and growls to anybody that gets close to my table when I’m grooming him, he comes every two weeks, so he is in great shape, and really enjoy getting groomed.

When I have so many of my favorites clients, time fly, but I feel it once I get home… and since is 5 de Mayo, I stopped for a burrito and a beer at a local restaurant.

This is all for now.

Have a great night!!!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!!



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