Sunday, May 18, 2008

Biscuits and Chows!

Good Morning Blogers!!!

Last night episode of Groomer Has it, was a great one, just promos were causing a lot of Chow fans to be upset and ready to fight, but I’m sure, after watching the show their realize that all of the Chow used for the challenge, were not only rescues, but very sweet, at least most of then, so it did makes us to re-think our bad memories on working with them. Doesn’t mean that I’m going to be grooming then anytime soon, even though I’ll groom Suzy, my chow, at anytime, but I did grow a lot of respect for the job of the rescue group, how they turned those dogs into sweet loving pets, since most of them they were turn to rescue because temperament issues, some of them were already adopted, and some other were still working out some issues, so my kudos to the Chow rescue ladies. BEAUTIFUL JOB!

Remember that we’ll be discussing the Chow episode on my discussion forum, so I’m looking forward to chit chat there J. This week, I'm inviting some Chow specialist to enlightens us all on how to handle and better take care of Chow, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER", so looking forward to see you there.

This is a quote of the e-mails I got this morning from “Suzy’s “owner, her picture is showed above, Just writing to tell you how delighted we were to watch the Chow chow episode of Groomer Has It.  You did an awesome job on our sweet Suzy!  No other grooming job she's had before and after the show compared to yours.  Our only regret is that you live in New York, and were on the opposite coast =( Thank you Ocampo-Trazo Family!!!

Last night text buddies during the show were:  Jasper; Frank, a NYC friend; and over the commercial breaks I was on the phone with Darryl and Randy, I love this multimedia Saturday night parties :). 


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