Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Sunday!!!!


First of all, I want to wish all Mothers a Happy Mom’s Day!!!!

Another Sunday, survived another episode of GOOMER HAS IT so every feels lovely, I got up at 6:00 AM, walk Reah, the afghan hound that is staying with me for a wile since we both need to get back into shape for the summer, we decided to team up and start running, it comes out very natural and easy for her…. I compare her with Tyra, a supermodel, (Reah is a retired Am. Champion) that still look glamorous, walks like a Diva, but put on a few pounds…Well, I’m far from retired, so I better keep myself in shape J.

Now that the show is pretty much half way there, and with all the re-runs, I’m getting recognize much more outside, it is very funny, but I’m late to all my appointments because, if you didn’t notice it yet, I love to talk, so every time someone approach me and want to talk, I talk talk talk. It is not many people that can out talk me J.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York; I was out with my friend Henry and Reah walking around the city for hours. After that I got home and got ready to watch the show and text away with Jonathan and Jasper, my Saturday night text buddies.

By the way, I started a discussion forum on my website where I get to chat about grooming, and gossip about Groomer Has It, I believe it is the first internet forum hosted by a GHI contestant, and is growing fast, with polls and some juicy inside scoop. But you know better not to ask me who won….

Reah's picture taken by Jane Lang. Thank You!!!!

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