Thursday, May 8, 2008

Do I have a bugger in my nose?

This is very funny, I was at PETCO looking for a rubber brush and I realize that I was getting steer a lot, I start feeling that, perhaps, since I’m still dealing with this allergies, I’ve buggers on my nose, or the zipper of my pants open, OR SOMETHING! I was kind of uncomfortable, and I ask my friend if it was something wrong with me, his answer… DUMMY you are on TV!!!.
Hahaha I guess that is what being recognize on the street feels like, BUGGERS IN YOUR NOSE!!!.
I’m still trilled of all the beautiful comments and compliments I got from the “Yorkie Chat” formerly mention by me as the “Yorkie Ladies” but I realize that they are a few gentlemen ☺. You need to check the comments!!!( Click here for comments), nothing more satisfying that a complement of a job that you do with so much love. Thank you again Tumi for being so cute and well behave!!!!
Here are a couple of pictures of Mimi, Tumi and myself ☺

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