Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Flowers, bad hair…

Hello Bloggers!!!

Another rainy day in New York City, I guess the old say “ April showers bring May flowers..” got move forward, global warming?

Beside the general bad hair around the city, all this rain keep the city a bit cleaner, all the construction around Manhattan makes the streets incredible dirty, and those cute little long hair pooches quickly became city mops, so let’s celebrate rain and move on.

My past week was filled with great clients at the salon, but now that I need to keep remembering who I groomed, I find myself thinking, this is my favorite Labradoodle, or Shih Tzu or Yorkie, I realize, thank to this blog, that everyone of my clients it became my favorite, I guess is another reason to be thankful, the fact that being so requested and always busy had gave me the chance of be very selective of my clients, so I’ve to say, I love each one of them. Last week I got to see Dixie, love her, and her parents are an example of how being a proactive dog owner bring great results, I’ll ask them to write about on my forum, but Dixie is alive and healthy thank to the owners constant research of new and sometimes alternatives holistic treatments. GO DIXIE!

I keep meeting some new clients that have contact me after watching GROOMER HAS IT, and I have to say, they are great! Just got the pleasure to groom Leo, a beautiful Shih Tzu.

I’m working on the final details of the free workshop I’ll be conducting at the Jefferson Public Houses in East Harlem to teach grooming tips on how to better take care of your pets. This is very important to me, not only because I get to help dog owners to became more aware of how to take care of their dogs, but I can open up the eyes of many pet lovers of the possibilities of working on the pet industry, where is a wide spectrum of possibilities. I’ll keep you posted!!!.

I don’t want to forget to wish Jackie, a super cute Jack Russell terrier,pictured above, good luck on her little surgery, she is my friend Randy’s dog, and example of a beautiful rescue dog.

Have a great weekend!!! And stay tune for GROOMER HAS IT, this Saturday 9:00 pm E/P on Animal Planet.

Jorge Bendersky

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Viverito said...

That's my Jackie. Jorge thanks for posting a well wish for my baby. The most beautiful Jack Russell Terrier ever. I can't live without her.