Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Saturday!!!

How can you not start a day without a smile when you wake up to read all the nice things people is talking about me, I just feel so blessed, this morning I got the Daily News and there I’m, giving Spring Tips for dog owners, was a very fun interview with Amy Sacks, I LOVE IT!!, the pictures there were taken by Jen Halpern, she is Hysterical!!!!. Soon after, I got my Google alert that lead me to Robin Koury Pet & Life Expert website, THANK YOU!!!! , And yes, I’ll be doing some inside dishing on the show… like tonight, you better tune in to see some bad back stabbing!!!! Have you watched the teaser clips of Groomer Has It? Jonathan and Malissa are really going at each other!!! .

I still haven’t stopped at the Yorkie Chat to get some inside scoop on Yorkie Care from the very funny Yorkie Ladies!!!.

Time to get ready for brunch; since I work Sundays, today is the day to catch up with friends.

Have a great Saturday!!!.


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