Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Thursday!!

Hello there!

Today is the last day of my grooming week, and I’m ready for my break, Last night NY Castings Party was boring, maybe it was just the wrong kind of crowd for me, but boring. My friend Clay was with me so is always a good time when Clay is around.

At work, I got a very cute new client, name Oliver, Mad cute Jack Russell mix, leave him a very cute maw oak and flag tail; after I finish, I got to play with Hudson, one of my very favorites. Having technical problems so I can’t post pics just yet.

I’m having a lot of fun at the Yorkie Chat, those Ladies are hysterical, it is definitely my Yorkie Fan Club, and their dogs are so cute.

Ok, is 8:00 pm and I'm watching Groomer Has It rerun :) I love re-runs!!!!! Shaving sheeps was a lot of fun!!!.

Going to run out and grab something to eat

Catch you all later!!!!!

Have a Great evening!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a groomer from Arizona, I like how you treat dogs on the show, Good Luck!

DEBI said...

Hi Jorge! We haven't seen you on yorkiechat in a few days,hope all is well with you. Stop by when you get time,OK?