Friday, May 9, 2008


OMG how exited it was last night! I assisted with Reah, and Afghan hound that is staying with me for a wile, to our first red carpet event!!! It was so much fun!!! Lots of photographers and media, FLASH, FLAS, FLASH, we loved it

The event was to launch HealthyMOUTH, First of its Kind Dental Care Water for Dogs and Cats, the location was stunning, a beautiful penthouse in a building by the Hudson, with a terrace that you will not believe. It was organize by Christopher Gustafson

It was the first social event I attended were a lot of people knew who I was, isn’t that cool? I got to talk about dogs for hours!!!!. and BTW I met the glamorous "Elizabeth Taylor" the Cavalier from  HBO "SEX AND THE CITY" (Showed in picture with Jonathan David, his poodle and myself)

I was glad to see Lynn, from, so I got to personally thank her for the great piece she did on me last week (Click here for the  DailyKibble article), then I spend some time with Renay Smith, from Animal Fair. You know, I have spoken with reporters before, but when you find those that really “love dogs” you just feel like you are sitting in a bench at the dog run talking, is so relax and pressure free, I dint check how my hair looks once! I hope I won’t regret that when I see the pictures.

I met Gayle Martz , the creator of the Sherpa bag, what a sweet lady! And she gave me one adorable pray card with Sherpa’s picture on. You can check her website and see all the beautiful pictures in the Remembering Sherpa section.

I met so many interesting people.

Jonathan David, the other NY GROMMER HAS IT contestant was there with his Boyfriend Sebastian and their two toy poodles, we haven’t see each other much since we got back from LA, so it was fun spending some time with him and Seba, when we were interviewed together, he had some beautiful words to say about how we got alone living in the DOG HOUSE. THANX Jonathan! but I’m still waiting to see what else he has to say behind my back in  Groomer Has It …

My good friend Andrea Arden was there too, is always so much fun to be around her! and of course Jennifer Bristol, who is basically my brain J, who carries around her little dog , as today, he hasn’t make a sound every time I see him.

Time to go out and grab some coffee.

Have a great day!!!!!


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