Saturday, May 31, 2008

Judging Judges

Well, I wasn’t the only Groomer Has it “celebrity” at the Plainfield KC Dog Show in Freehold, NJ on Sunday may 25th, A soon I stept on the showgrounds I was told that Xavier Santiago, AKA the mean judge on “GROOMER HAS IT” was there showing his Alaskan Malamute. Congratulation to him for finishing her championship that weekend, and I believe is the first dog finish by him (for someone that is so picky and tuff I was expecting a much larger record of champions under his belt). But I did enjoy seeing him, and I have to say, when you get to talk with him, he is slightly nicer that come across on the show, and I mean slightly J.

Even though I could give Xavier a few good points of advise when it comes to show dogs, like not making that much noise, OK OK, we know you need to keep your dog attention, but they are other people trying to show their dogs in the ring with you, so making too much noise can be distracting to others.

I believe that we enter shows to have the judges examine our job, so we need to be careful on not block their view, keeping your hand in front of the dog face when the judge is trying to get a good look is slightly disturbing, Bate from behind!!! Or the side, as a Judge, I find that pretty annoying, if you want me to judge your dog, let me see it!!!.

But, beside those two points I have to say his Alaskan Malamute was in flawless condition, and I was glad to spend sometime talking with Xavier, and to use his same words, watch his “train wreck” handling J, Just kidding J. So maybe we are going to see more of Xavier at the show ring, Westminster maybe?

Have a great week!

Jorge Bendersky

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Anonymous said...

I just watched the show for the first time, it was the finale. They introduced this judge as a championship dog handler and I thought "huh?" I never heard of him (I've been showing dogs for 35 years). Then later on when the Alaskan Malamutes came into the picture, I recognized at least one of them because my first breed was malamutes and I had shown them for nearly 30 years. When they said malamutes was his breed "double huh?" I'm still a member of AMCA and I still never knew of this guy. I remember Phil Marsman because he showed dogs for a friend of mine, but never heard of his dad, but that was probably in my early years of showing dogs.
I knew he probably showed some malamutes because the term "linecombing" is a bit unusual, but decided to look him up. So this blog explains a lot for me.